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مؤتمر الشباب البهائى فى شيلى 12:14 يوليو 2013 (8) Santiago Youth Conference


مؤتمر الشباب البهائى فى شيلى 12:14 يوليو 2013 

The cold auditorium of a public technical school in Santiago, Chile, was warmed for three consecutive days bythe energy and spirits of some 500 youth from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Some had travelled by plane, as border crossings over the mountains during the winter time are unreliable; others had travelled by land for almost three days, crossing the snow-capped Andes and picking up friends along the way. All had one thing in common: they were joyful, excited, and eager to discuss with their peers the true meaning and potential of the period of youth.