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Dedicated to the Bahais in Iran لا لاضطهاد البهائيين بايران

A slide show depicting the sufferings of the Bahai’s in Iran and growth of the Baha’i faith around the world

وقد نوهت الجامعة البهائية العالمية فى تقرير لها عن وضع البهائيين بايران مرارا فى الامم المتحدة ويمكنكم مراجعة التقرير هنا:

اغنية رائعة عن السلام و المحبة OMID &MOHAMMAD MOGHADDAM-I HAVE A DREAM


هذه الاغنية  عنوانها من وحى خطبة الامريكى الثائر الشجاع  مارتن لوثر كنج عام 1963 والتى كرر بها عشرات المرات جملة عندى حلم  والتى مازال يتردد صداها فى العالم  وهذه الاغنية لاثنين من المطربين الايرانيين ولكن هناك ترجمة انجليزية واليكم ترجمة سريعة عربية للكلمات التى تنبع من عالم يتوق للمحبة والسلام  اهدى هذه الاغنية الى كل الناس فى العالم :

عندى حــــــــــــلم

لا تقل ماذا قدم لى وطنى بل قل ماذا ساقدم لوطنى

فى يوم من الايام ستغنى سويا , وستختفى الاحلام المزعجة وسيصبح العالم لنا

ويتساوى الجميع ..سياتى اليوم ويصبح الجميع احرارا وستزول الحدود,

فلا تفول انه مجرد حلم , او انه مستحيل

امسك حلمك بيدك وارفع الحب شعارا  فقد حان وقت اليقظة

فى يوم ما سنغنى سويا بانه لن يكون هناك جوعى,

وسوف يسعد الاطفال ويصبحون احرار

لا تقلق اخى  فالايام الحلوة قادمة وامطار السلام اتية

وسينعم العالم بالمحبة , سيأتى فجر يوم  جديد ستزول فيه الحدود

فالمستقبل بين ايدينا بالسلام

فحلمنا بين ايدينا فلنرفع شعارنا المحبة فقد حان وقت الصحوة

صوت من سجن ايفيان ايرانA voice from prison – English Poem


A Voice From Prison is a poem dedicated to the seven Baha’i leaders of Iran, who are currently imprisoned and who faced the anniversary of their arrest on Thursday 14 May 2009, along with new and extremely grave accusations, after spending a year in jail without formal charges or access to their lawyer, Shirin Ebadi.

“Despite their obvious innocence and the call by many for their immediate release, these seven men and women have been in legal limbo for a year now, against all international human rights standards,” said Bani Dugal, the principal representative of the Baha’i International Community to the United Nations.

“Moreover, their families have recently been told of a possible new charge – ‘the spreading of corruption on earth,’ which goes by the term ‘Mofsede fel-Arz’ in Persian and carries the threat of death under the penal code of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said Ms. Dugal.

“The sequence of events surrounding their detention exposes a shameless travesty of justice. Notwithstanding their having been subjected to intensive interrogations, it took a full seven months before they were given even a single pretext for their detention. On February 10, 2009, the Iranian Student News Agency quoted Tehran deputy prosecutor Hassan Haddad as having said that the investigation of these individuals was complete and that ‘the case will be sent to the revolutionary court next week’ and that these Baha’is are accused of ‘espionage for Israel, insulting religious sanctities and propaganda against the Islamic Republic.’ The international protest expressed by governments and civil society was immediate and widespread, causing the Iranian authorities to review their approach.

“Now a new wrongful accusation reportedly has been added some three months after the investigation was supposed to have concluded. The charge of being spreaders of corruption was used against the Baha’is who were executed in the years immediately following the Islamic revolution. That it may now be resorted to in this case is a further demonstration that the authorities have no basis for any allegation against these seven individuals, other than blatant religious persecution. This action against the Baha’i leadership reflects the government’s sharply increased persecution of the entire Iranian Baha’i community of more than 300,000 members.
Poem & Music:
Written & Read by Mrs Shahla Ghotbi-Nabilzadeh
Video by Sabbynur