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Dr. Basma Moussa : The Wonder Woman


على مدونته  الخاصة بموقع ورد برس كتب قمر العابدين المصور الصحفى من بنجلادش هذا المقال الجميل الى شخصى الضعيف . شكرا جزيلا قمر

.many thanks quamr for this so nice article about me

Portrait of Dr. Basma Moussa- Baha'i Activist

“Hi, I have heard about your contribution toward Baha’i community in Egypt and I am doing a photographic project on that. Can we meet and talk about it?” , I asked. She made some adjustments with schedule and said, “Do you know the Cairo Opera House?”. “Well, I don’t know exactly but I do have google map in my phone and I can surely find it.”, I replied.