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خمس سنوات تكفى – 5 five years too many


تغطية لحملة ” خمس سنوات تكفى” فى العديد من دول العالم للتضامن مع البهائيين بايران


16-1) five years too many (for bahai Yaran 2013)

five years too many
cinq années de trop
خمس سنوات من الانتظار  – او خمس سنوات تكفى  حملة دولية للجامعة البهائية العالمية من 5 الى 15 مايو تضامنا مع البهائيين الايرانيين السبعة المسجونين بسبب العقيدة بدون محاكمة عادلة

مقال د باسمة موسى  بالحوار المتمدن

The seven imprisoned Baha’i leaders, before their arrest.

For five years, seven Baha’i leaders have been wrongly imprisoned in Iran.

Their 20-year sentences are the longest given to any current prisoners of conscience in Iran. Their harshness reflects the Government’s resolve to oppress completely the Iranian Baha’i community, which faces a systematic, “cradle-to-grave” persecution that is among the most serious examples of state-sponsored religious persecution in the world today.

Baha’i communities around the world have launched a campaign calling for their immediate release – and the release of all innocent prisoners of conscience in Iranian prisons.

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