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: Existence Exiled: Baha’is in Egypt


spacer (2)6475_535386903190086_156421757_n (1)قمر العابدين مصور فوتوغرافى ومدون  من بنجلادش . فى زيارة له بالقاهرة لحضور ورشة عمل  قرر عمل توثيق لموضوع عن البهائيين واليكم ماكتب وما صور كصور وثائقية عن وضع البهائيين والهوية المصرية .

How would you feel if you were not a citizen of any country? How would you feel if you were considered a taboo in the society? As you have

noidentity, you would not have any rights. You could not get a national identification card, a birth certificate, a marriage or a divorce certificate, or even a death certificate. Because officially, you don’t exist. Nobody would ‘see’ you or talk about you. You would become a living ghost. Imagine that