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كشف النقاب على تصميم مشرق اذكار فناواتو


نشر على موقع الجامعة البهائية العالمية اليوم 18 -6-2017 تم كشف النقاب على تصميم مشرق اذكار قرية فناواتو وهو بسيط وجميل يشبه الطبيعة حولهم  واحتفل السكان جميعا من كل الطوائف يرقصون ويحتفلون به  باالوانهم الجميلة


18 June 2017

TANNA, Vanuatu — In a momentous development for the island of Tanna in Vanuatu, the design for the local Baha’i House of Worship was unveiled today.

The design is captivating in its simple yet striking form, inspired by the coconut and banyan trees of the island and the natural forms of the landscape.

“This structure will be the embodiment of serenity and represent the archipelago’s history and culture,” said Ashkan Mostaghim, the Temple’s architect.

Double-sided roofs made of reeds and sugar-cane leaves rise to a central point, making the Temple appear as a nine-pointed star. The walls of the House of Worship are designed to be created using stakes and plaited reeds, drawing on local architecture of the region.

“The interior space is defined by light,” said Mr. Mostaghim. Throughout the day, light will stream through the open screens and delicate glass oculus. The Temple has space for 300 visitors and a choir to be present—both for community devotions and private meditation and prayer in a space of serenity.

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An interior view of the Temple, which will seat 300 people.

A jubilant celebration in Tanna on 18 June 2017 marked the unveiling of the Temple’s design. The program included readings from different sacred texts, signifying that the Temple is open to all.

The House of Worship will enhance the vibrant community life on Tanna. A sense of collective ownership of the Temple, even before its design had been unveiled, was already present in the consciousness of the island’s inhabitants. In the early stages of the design process, numerous people from the island, including chiefs and other tribal leaders, submitted ideas for the structure of the central edifice and gathered for meetings to discuss its purpose and implications for their society.

“The design of the House of Worship in Tanna has been inspired by the Baha’i writings, and we have endeavored to portray its principles in the structure,” said the architect. The Temple will uniquely symbolize the unity of all people and the integral connection of worship of God and service to humanity.

تم تدشين مشرق اذكار شيلى وسيتم افتتاح المؤتمر الخاص به اليوم


تم تدشين مشرق اذكارشيلى  – يوم امس الخميس واليوم سوف يفتتح المؤتمر الخاص به بحضور ممثل عن رئيس الجمهورية  وممثل بيت العدل الاعظم وعمدة المدينة وسكرتير المحفل المركزى للبهائيين بشيلى


موقع خاص بالميديا لخطوات بناء مشرق اذكار شيلى فى الموقع الرسمى له


صورة ليلية لمشرق الاذكار والذى صمم بطريقة جديدة فى العمارة الهندسية

الموقع الرسمى لمشرق اذكار شيلى به صور ومقالات وحتى الان 9 فيديو تشمل خطوات بناء هذا الصرح الرائع فى شيلى وكيف شارك السكان مع البهائيين الاراء والتشاور لبنائه . والعلاقة بين الدعاء وخدمة الاوطان  و بناء المجتمع  ,وايضا كيفية الاستعداد لافتتاحه واستقبال مئات الضيوف من كل بقاع الارض .