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Sans religion au lieu de sans-papiers


كتبت علياء القرشى  فى جريدة الاهرام ابدو التى تكتب بالفرنسية اليوم 20-2-2008 ص 5 عن البهائيين فى مصر وقضية الاوراق الثبوتية ووضعت صورة لمقام حضرة الباب ويمكن فراءة المقال من هذا الموقع ثم يلية ترجمته بالانجليزية


 Religion. A judgement of Justice has authorized a member of a minority Baha’i leaving blank the mention of religion on his identity card. A step has been taken to give this community the right to a full citizenship.

Without religion instead of sans-papiers

A little dash between two brackets (-) or without (religion) “is now what will be shown on the ID card before the Baha’i religion case. The Administrative Court has come out in favour of the small community of Baha’is since until the day of the verdict, they could only arise in official documents as a Muslim, Christian or Jewish, ie the three religions monotheistic, the only recognized in Egypt. Justice puts end to four years of legislative debates on the law or not members of this community to put their faith in the official papers. This decision was welcomed by the Baha’is remains an index of non-official recognition of this community in Egypt. Indeed, if there is a step forward in a Baha’i n’assimilant not a Muslim or a Coptic, which is a total obliteration of their identity, the reference to a Baha’i official paper remains prohibited. Nobody can mark “as” Baha’i religion? Or is it really? The Baha’i faith is a mixture of philosophy, ideas and beliefs. A confession, which was unveiled in the middle of the nineteenth century and the first apostle was probably Mirza Al-Ali Al-Shirazi, who was born in 1844. His faithful surnommaient the bab or a mediator who pushes to discover divine truth. Since then, the call to the Baha’i faith has always been in hiding first in Iran. Have-2000? 10000? Or even 15 million? As different sources indicate. It is very difficult to know the exact number or even approached this community in Egypt. And because of the lack of a place for their collection or to practise their religion. Such combination is strictly prohibited.