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Obama prays for Abedini and Baha’isn الرئيس اوباما يصلى من اجل البهائيين فى ايران ومن اجل حرية العقيدة فى العالم


نشر علىى موقع ايران تايمز الدولى  14 فبراير  الماضى   2014    اى منذ شهرين  ولكن ان يصلى رئيس اكبر دولة بالعالم من اجل الحريات الدينية  فى العالم جدير بالاحترام واتمنى ان ياتى اليوم الذى نرى فيه صلاة جماعية  لقادة العالم من اجل احلال السلام بالعالم  فى اى من لقائتهم الدولية  وايضا فى لقائات قادة الاديان فى العالم

February 14-2014

QUIET MOMENT — President Obama bows his head in prayer at the National Prayer breakfast.

President Obama prayed for Pastor Saeed Abedini and advocated freedom of religion for Baha’is in Iran last week, while also vocally opposing the call from many in the Islamic world for laws to punish blasphemy and defamation of faiths.

In speaking to the National Prayer Breakfast, a Christian event held in Washington each year, Obama said US advocacy of freedom of religion is often “uncomfortable” when it means confronting countries with which the United States is trying to conduct business on a myriad of other issues, but still must be done.

He quoted the Jewish, Christian and Islamic Holy Books as requiring leaders to stand up for freedom of religion.

“Our faith teaches us that in the face of suffering, we can’t stand idly by and that we must be that Good Samaritan.  In Isaiah, we’re told ‘to do right.  Seek justice.  Defend the oppressed.’  The Torah commands:  ‘Know the feelings of the stranger, having yourselves been strangers in the land of Egypt.’ The Qoran instructs:  ‘Stand out firmly for justice.’

“So history shows that nations that uphold the rights of their people — including the freedom of religion — are ultimately more just and more peaceful and more successful.  Nations that do not uphold these rights sow the bitter seeds of instability and violence and extremism.  So freedom of religion matters to our national security,” Obama said.