William Sears & The A’yyám-i-Há Kids – Happy A’yyám-i-Há عيد ايام الهاء

Ayyam-i-Ha Album Cover 350x350

نشر عل مدونة بهائى بلوج

A lot of my friends are always telling me that we really need more resources to support our Baha’i holy days and celebrations.

So, to help with your Ayyam-i-Ha celebrations, I am absolutely delighted to let everyone know about the digitally restored and remastered re-release of the Happy Ayyam-i-Ha album by William Sears and the Ayyam-i-Ha Kids!

For those of you who have never heard of it – the Happy Ayyam-i-Ha album is simply a classic. It blends the wonderful storytelling of Hand of the Cause of God Mr. William Sears with sing-a-long songs performed by children.

Released in 1979, the album received the 1979 Christian Angel Award for the ‘Best Children’s Album of the Year’, and it was the first time in the association’s history that the Angel Award had been given to a non-Christian group.

The Happy Ayyam-i-Ha album had a profound effect on me during my childhood and I know that so many Baha’is around the world consider this the soundtrack of their childhood during the Ayyam-i-Ha season.

This classic album is still as awesome to listen to as it was back when I was a child, so if you still haven’t heard it, or if you’re looking for a great gift or for something the whole family can enjoy – then I highly recommend it!

You can buy physical copies of the Happy Ayyam-i-Ha album or download the digital version instantly from 9 Star Media.

Also, a special thanks to Jon Rezin of 9 Star Media for working on remastering the album and making it available to everyone again!

Happy Ayyam-i-Ha Everyone!

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