Enoch Olinga اينوك اولينجا – ايادى امر الدين البهائى

قصة حياة اينوك اولينجا احد ايادى امر الله فى الدين البهائى فى افريقيا واحد ابطال الدين البهائى وكان رئيس المؤتمر البهائى الاول والذى انعقد فى انجلترا ليصبح بذلك  اول اسود البشرة  يترأس مؤتمرا عالميا به من اناس من كل الاجناس . وهو من اوغندا ومقبرته على هيئة قارة افريقا من الرخام الاسود ويقوم بالعرض جناب على نخشوانى عضو بيت العدل الاعظم السابق والسيد روشن مصطفى والسيدة حرمه

One Olinga’s surviving sons, George Olinga, in about February 1985 made a return trip to Uganda where he and another gave a talk at one the primary schools about the religion and the institutions of the religion.[24] Also in 1985 Claire Gung died.[25]

  • Since 1996[26] the Olinga Foundation for Human Development has offered training in remote primary and junior secondary schools in Ghana’s Western Region.[27][28] In 2009 Enlightening the Hearts Literacy (EHL) Campaign of the Olinga Foundation is an educational programme reaching more than 400 schools across rural Ghana. Its two main goals are to improve literacy rates of children aged 9 –15 through better literacy instruction and to increase capabilities of teachers and children through moral education and personal transformation. The programme is a 2009 finalist for Emerging ChangeMakers Network Champions of Quality Education in Africa competition.[29]
  • The Olinga Academy in Australia seeks to promote and carry out social and economic development, in primarily rural and indigenous communities, through projects and training.[31]

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