Dr. Basma Moussa : The Wonder Woman

على مدونته  الخاصة بموقع ورد برس كتب قمر العابدين المصور الصحفى من بنجلادش هذا المقال الجميل الى شخصى الضعيف . شكرا جزيلا قمر

.many thanks quamr for this so nice article about me

Portrait of Dr. Basma Moussa- Baha'i Activist

“Hi, I have heard about your contribution toward Baha’i community in Egypt and I am doing a photographic project on that. Can we meet and talk about it?” , I asked. She made some adjustments with schedule and said, “Do you know the Cairo Opera House?”. “Well, I don’t know exactly but I do have google map in my phone and I can surely find it.”, I replied.

That’s how our first conversation started and with time we became wonderful friends. She, with her strong yet charming personality, with her hospitality and her vast knowledge about everything(!) earned my respect in no time. But what amazed me most, was her dedication to her society, nation and mankind as a whole! I couldn’t help asking her once, “Is your day made of 48 hours?”

I won’t be exaggerating, if I say, she made my first attempt with the project and stay at Egypt worthwhile. I have been quite busy after coming back from Egypt and it’s high time to pay respect to the one that I owe most. This post is to convey that I feel honoured to meet her. And I hope to visit her again, soon. And, of course, I am eagerly waiting to see her mother & daughter as well. These three are three wonders from three generations.

This is a link to her blog where she has been writing for last 6 years. It’s practically an Encyclopaedia- not only about Baha’i faith but also about life and humanity as a whole.

All my Baha’i friends in Egypt whether senior or junior were the people who were the reason behind me going on with this project and having a decent start. Mr. Abdel Baset & his family, Mr. Bahaa Abdel Rahman, my friend Bahaa & his family, Osama & his family- they accepted me as their dear ones and it’s been a great honor to be with you all. Alaa Sami – buddy will see you soon too and of course Shady Samir for being a wonderful help. Ciao.


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4 تعليقات to “Dr. Basma Moussa : The Wonder Woman”

  1. روشن مصطفى Says:

    A merited appreciation. Qamar Al’abedeen also merits quite an appreciation for both his work and person. May you all continue to succeed in your noble endeavours.

  2. Smile Rose Says:

    شكرا جزيلا عمو تعليقك الكريم

  3. فوزى مرعى Says:

    نرى صورتك مشرفه بفضله بنوره الابهى ظاهرا وباطنا – و جمعت بين العلم الانسانى والروحانى فااحترمك الجميع

  4. Smile Rose Says:

    شكرا جزيلا لكلامك الرقيق

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