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: Existence Exiled: Baha’is in Egypt


spacer (2)6475_535386903190086_156421757_n (1)قمر العابدين مصور فوتوغرافى ومدون  من بنجلادش . فى زيارة له بالقاهرة لحضور ورشة عمل  قرر عمل توثيق لموضوع عن البهائيين واليكم ماكتب وما صور كصور وثائقية عن وضع البهائيين والهوية المصرية .

How would you feel if you were not a citizen of any country? How would you feel if you were considered a taboo in the society? As you have

noidentity, you would not have any rights. You could not get a national identification card, a birth certificate, a marriage or a divorce certificate, or even a death certificate. Because officially, you don’t exist. Nobody would ‘see’ you or talk about you. You would become a living ghost. Imagine that


صحافة اداب عين شمس وحوار مع د باسمة موسى 2013



Why the Baha’i 7 matter


نشر فى سى ان ان 30 مايو الماضى فى  CNN World, Global Public Square section

CNN World

By Katrina Lantos Swett, Special to CNN

Editor’s note: Katrina Lantos Swett is the chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. The views expressed reflect those of USCIRF and not CNN.

With Iran’s presidential election looming next month, ongoing uncertainty about the status of its nuclear program, and questions about the degree of its involvement in Syria’s civil war, it’s easy to forget the domestic repression some groups face under its theocratic regime. But as Baha’i communities across the globe mark a disturbing anniversary in Iran, the birthplace of their faith, they are determined that the rest of the world should also know about the hardship and discrimination they are faced with every single day.