Debate on escalation of religious persecution in Iran اعضاء بالبرلمان الانجليزى يدافعون عن البهائيين فى ايران ( بالفيديو )

14/01/2012 by Pete Hulme

Yesterday the Baha’i World News Service published a major piece on a recent debate in the UK Parliament concerning the current dangerous escalation of religious persecution in Iran. Below are two short extracts and some important links. For the full post see link. The link in the text quoted to the video coverage is well worth following.

LONDON — Members of Parliament here have sharply criticized Iran for its human rights violations, focusing especially on the “steep rise” in the persecution of religious minorities.

In a debate held at Westminster Hall on Wednesday 11 January, MPs highlighted the fact that virtually every religious minority in Iran is now facing oppression.

Some 19 MPs, representing the UK’s three major parties, participated in the debate.

Watch video coverage of the debate, here.
Read a transcript of the debate, here.

In the opening speech, Louise Ellman, MP for Liverpool Riverside, described the persecution of Baha’is as “pervasive and escalating dangerously.”

“The repression takes a number of forms in an ongoing and systematic persecution,” said Mrs. Ellman. “It means arbitrary arrest and imprisonment and the denial of access to higher education and areas of employment. The homes and businesses of Baha’is have been subject to arson attacks, cemeteries have been destroyed, and children have been harassed.”

She also expressed concern over the 20-year prison sentences being served by seven Baha’i leaders and Iran’s continuing effort to bar young Baha’is from higher education. . . . . .

Dr. Kishan Manocha, Director of the Office of Public Affairs of the Baha’i Community of the United Kingdom, has welcomed the wide ranging discussion.

“The fact that such a good number of MPs, representing all parties, participated really reflects a high level of concern about Iran’s human rights record, and especially its rising religious intolerance,” said Dr. Manocha.

“We are, of course, pleased that Baha’is were prominently mentioned,” Dr. Manocha added. “But we are also happy that UK Parliamentarians are focusing on the problems faced by other religious minorities. We need to speak as one on the situation of religious intolerance in Iran.”

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