Baha’i prisoners call for help!!

o the last upholders of any remaining human decency in the World:

The most pure, the most innocent, and the truly Godly and saintly Baha’is, Fariba Kamalabadi & Mahvash Sabet, after three years of continued humiliating captivity in the worst dungeon of the World in Iran asprisoners of conscience, after the miraculous course of epic events and super human accounts of their purifying power in action even in the subterranean dungeon leading to the moral and mental transformation of the worst of killers and criminals, have now been removed, along with some 300 to 400 unfortunate and pathetic souls (criminals and political prisoners alike), and cast into the worst animal slaughter-house and thrown into sub-animal conditions.

Filled with filth of human waste and urine due to only 2-3 open toilets for 400 prisoners under one roof, and with no fresh air, no cell walls, and fewness of sleeping beds, stampeded by riots daily, and even all nights long at dark by the running cell-mates due to purposeful agitation caused  by excruciating super loud sirens of the guards to torture and throw the prisoners into chaos, the two heavenly Angels, Fariba and Mahvash, are now at the danger of undignified imminent death, save by the protecting Will of God from on High, only as instrumented by the universal outcry of the remaining final band of people of good will in the World.

The last angelic voice of Fariba, just over two hours ago, by the less than one minute phone call from that infernal hell prison, was the message to tell the people of decency the world over, and the leaders of the so-called free-world,
“to do whatever they can, NOW, perhaps and perchance our corpses can be retrievable”;

and another sentence the one minute phone call message the day before:
“Tell the Iran government, to issue our execution sentence immediately, so that we are martyred, rather than remain in this unimaginable sub-animal indignity treatment status not befitting of our human station”.

If we, after all these three years, with all the top governments of the World and all the leaders of thought giving unified moral support in words, and with so many resolutions and statements passed, and with so much media reports issued, if we only content and suffice with these and with similar words alone, and cannot and do not go beyond only expressions of well wishes, if in this the 21st Century we ultimately cannot affect real action resulting in their immediate freedom, then we all, starting with myself here and now, must just close our chapter on any claim to our humanity.  If these precious souls, and the highest expressions of human purity and dignity in the World, are to be left to their fate in this manner, I shall claim myself less than animal, just similar to the perpetrators of these heinous acts; for equal are the acts of commission and the acts of omission in the eye of God and in the judgement of future history.

I chose not this scenario.  I am issuing my tickets and flying to Iran soonest to do my part; perchance others elsewhere in their various capacities will also make other forms of mighty efforts and supreme acts of humanity, and will seek action and results rather than suffice with words, to once for all end this age-long tragic suffering of the persecuted Baha’i Community of Iran.

Farzam Kamalabadi
Fariba Kamalabadi & Mahvash Sabet’s lowliest servant and the dust under their feet.

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