Sorrow as jailed Baha’i leader is unable to attend wife’s funeral 11 March 20

11 March 2011.”

  • The seven Baha’i leaders – currently serving 10-year jail terms in Iran’s notorious Gohardasht prison – pictured before their arrest in 2008, with their… »
Prior to the 1979 Iranian revolution, Mr. Khanjani was a successful factory owner. His brick-making factory – the first automated such facility in Iran – employed several hundred people before he was forced to shut it down and abandon it, because of the persecution he faced as a Baha’i. The factory was later confiscated by the government. In the early 1980s, Mr. Khanjani served as a member of the soon to be disbanded National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran, a group that in 1984 saw four of its nine members executed. Later, Mr. Khanjani was able to establish a mechanized farm. But the authorities made it difficult for him to operate. Their restrictions extended to his children and relatives and included refusing loans, closing their facilities, limiting business dealings, and banning travel outside Iran.

Mr. Khanjani was arrested and imprisoned at least three times before his latest incarceration in May 2008. “Life over the past three years since this most recent arrest has been particularly hard on his wife and family,” said Ms. Ala’i. “After Mr. Khanjani was transferred to Gohardasht last August, travelling some 100 kilometers there and back every fortnight for the women has been an extra burden to bear.” To add to their ordeal, Mr. and Mrs. Khanjani’s immediate family has been particularly targeted by the Iranian government, with a number of them experiencing arrest and imprisonment. “At least today, at this very difficult time, Mr. Khanjani and his family can take comfort in the fact that the thoughts and prayers of governments, organizations and people of goodwill throughout the world are with them,” said Ms. Ala’i. صعدت الى بارئها روح السيدة كانجانى حرم د كانجانى احد البهائيين الذين تحتجزهم السلطات الايرانية بسبب العقيدة رغم ادانات كل حكومات العالم لما تفعله السلطات الايرانية . ولم تسمح السلطات بان يودع زوجها جثمانها المسجى قبل دفنها رحمها الله سبحانه وتعالى واسكنها فسيح جناته 11th March 2011 Tehran Baha’i Cemetery where over 5000 friends hadgathered for the funeral and to pay their respect and pray for the progress of soul of Mrs Ashraf Sobhai Khanjani. Mr Khanjai who is in prison was not permitted to attend the funeral even after pleading from the family.The prayer for the Dead was recited by her son, Alauddin Khanjai , in a most serene and spiritual atmosphere.Flowers were sent from all around Iran .


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