21 March “Mother’s day in Egypt”

By Basma Moussa- Egypt

 March 21, filling of many feasts and holidays, the day of the spring equinox, the start of spring as the flowers bloom and grow trees and birds sing.  Also mother’s day  , who is known in many countries of the world and has often made gifts for mothers on this day. And also raised the idea on date of Earth which accept all of us although all human diversity.

Celebrates a number of countries in the world, Mother’s Day on different days of the year and this day was invented the day was devoted to the worship of the mother in the era of the Romans to honor the great gods of Greece or on March 15. The convening of such a festival, also in all parts of minor Asia  . Usually it presents gifts to the mothers on this day


In Egypt, the idea arose of mother’s feast  when  a well-known  Egyptian writer Ali Amin received  a  letter from a mother complaining about her children’s meanness and ill-treatment towards her, and failure to appreciate beautiful  job with them  .. Then, another lady  has visited the late Mustafa Amin in his office and told him her story and how she was widowed and her children were young, not married, and devoted her life to her children and has been cared for even graduated from college, and married, and got into their lives, and forgot her completely.

Ali  submitted an  article in the his daily ‘idea’ about a ceremony for the mother, saying: Not to disagree on the day of the year we call it ‘Mother’s Day’, is a day to give back and to recall the offspring, and make it a national holiday in our country and countries in the Middle east. On this day provides children to their mothers small gifts and letters sent to mothers express their feelings towards them, where children in this day to treat their mother as  a queen , And take them on this day all their domestic work instead. Ali Amin  put a question for readers to choose the day of the year to be a ‘festival of the mother “?.


After the publication of newspaper article, many letters poured in encouraging the idea, and some suggested that a week devoted to the mother and not just one day, and others have rejected the idea on the grounds that every day of the year for the mother and not one day only, but the majority of readers agreed to the idea of one day, readers chose March 21, the beginning of spring to be a feast for the mother to cope with the separation of the tender and purity and goodness and open fine feelings. And went out into the light this holiday in March 21, 1956 and then the idea came from Egypt and has spread in some countries in the Middle East. Salute the dignity and reverence to the spirit of the late writer Amin.


The my beloved  mother who give   me life  and  taught me to love people and learned me how to serve my country and my people, and made me tolerate all around me, and taught me that we  can not live alone but everyone will cooperate to reach a better life. I dedicated   a bouquet of red roses  with beautiful and fragrant smell, which she loves because it is from the land of my beloved  Egypt . To every mother who stayed up nights, bred and tired and taught her children the virtues and morals. Mother is the first educator of humanity.


To  Egypt, which is great not only live in the homeland but the homeland live in us, to Egypt, i love its  sand, sky, seas and deserts and mountains and flowers and Nile river which give us water  for thousands of years. I spent the best years of my childhood in Egypt  and grew up and grew up amid the beautiful traditions of the people is love and generosity. My  dream to see Egypt one of  the greatest nation, I wish to Egypt  progress and to move forward. I dedicate  a bouquet of flowers of different colors and shapes and smell, as unity in diversity.


To earth our great mother , which contain  peoples from all races, languages, religions and beliefs, which reminds us that we are always”  the fruit of one tree & leaves of one branch” . my wishes for its safety and to raise of all causes of pollution from air , rivers & seas .To earth I  dedicate   Jasmine and beautiful roses.


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2 تعليقان to “21 March “Mother’s day in Egypt””

  1. basma Says:

    it is lovely and beatiful

  2. An interesting read. I actually have some ideas about this. Would you consider writing a guest piece for my blog? Says:

    An interesting read. I actually have some ideas about this. Would you consider writing a guest piece for my blog?…

    […]21 March “Mother’s day in Egypt” « بـا قــــة و ر د Rose Bouquet[…]…

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