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خطاب مفتوح الى شرين العبادى والاقليات open letter to Sherin Abadi


New York Times Open Lette

نشرت النيويورك تايمز خطابا مفتوح موجه من   45 شخصية فريدة من الحائزين على جوائز نوبل فى المجالات المختلفة الى السيدة شيرين العبادى المحامية الايرانية والحائزة على جائزة نوبل للسلام والمدافعة الجسورة عن حقوق البهائيين بايران واليكم نص الرسالة

The following Open Letter was published on a full-page
in the Mon 3 Aug 2009 issue of the New York Times.


To Shirin Ebadi
and to All the dissidents —
the brave men and women of Iran:


Egyptian Baha’i: Women are world peacemakers


The following piece is a translation of Dr. Basma Mousa’s latest article in “Youm 7.” Dr. Mousa is a prominent Egyptian Baha’i.

Today, a voice is raised in many parts of the earth calling upon world peace. The need for peace these days does not only entail peace in a single area, but in the world at large, where the safety and wellbeing of people interlace. Stability and peace continue to be the characteristics of civilized populations.

If we follow the events that took place in the last few years, we discover that the voice calling upon peace was raised since the last century. This voice was the voice of women calling upon world leaders to put an end to wars and build a world for children where they could live in happiness and tranquility, in a world where their childhood is not stolen and their dreams unaffected by the shed of blood, as was the case with millions of children during past world wars, where the lives of millions around the world, mainly women and children, were lost.

For that reason, we need to focus on the supportive role of women as peacemakers serving humanity. Women by nature are in support of peace more than men, and they find it difficult to respond to launching wars. Women participate in humanitarian fields and obtain the right to vote, and with this right they could direct humanity towards peace. Divine effects make it clear that when all human beings have equal access to education and when equality is achieved between men and women, the foundations of war would completely collapse. Equality between men and women would lead to the eradication of wars because women will not approve their launch.

I am saying this because I listened to a great speech on the BBC channel delivered by Queen Rania of Jordan, who is a beautiful, humble and educated woman. She was talking about the importance of peace in the lives of children so that they grow up to become the children of tomorrow without inheriting the remains of wars and fanaticism around the world. The Queen strives diligently with peace movements and civil society organizations and joins first ladies from all over the world in the effort to spread the culture and message of peace. During the last few years, I followed the diligent efforts conducted by the first lady of Egypt in the peace movement that carried her name and that is sponsored on a global level. There is also the “Reading for All” festival, which carried the slogan “peaceful Egypt” to provide children with new ideas for sowing the seeds of peace. Many women around the world are now working in civil society organizations in order to achieve peace.

Women’s call for peace comes with a new type of human appeals characterized by tranquility away from violence and the cycles of war. The access of women into the field of humanitarian issues allowed them to work with strength in the bumpy path of peace, which is the only way to a better life for our children. From this day forward, not a single woman would accept to throw away the blood of her children into the kilns of war. If the time has come for women to assume power at the ministries of defense around the world, they would undoubtedly put an end to all wars, which would only become a painful memory in history and the children would no longer be sacrificed to phantoms of war.

I praise the Security Council for the issuance of the eminent Resolution Number 1325 in 2000 concerning women, peace and security, which admitted for the first time in its history the needs of women and girls during time of conflict and post conflict and their continuous role in promoting peace.

The mission to establish a peaceful world is in the hands of today’s world leaders, considering the large responsibilities that were thrown on their shoulders. The challenge world leaders are currently confronted with is to win back the trust of citizens in them, in their government, and in international organizations with constant commitment to the highest principles of justice and world priorities that solicit unity and solidarity. The greater peace that has been held in our minds for a very long time is actually at the tip of our fingers.

Now that women are active in all fields, they need to make a priority out of the issue of general peace to promote the unity of people around the world, eliminate weary hearts, discard religious and racial fundamentalism, as well as political fanaticism, for the human world is one family and all the children are the sons of Adam, the sons of God.